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Hundreds of companies chose Teeps to engage and activate their communities to build more sustainable marketing strategies

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customers around the world

France, Spain, Uk, Germany, USA.


business sectors

luxury, real-estate, insurance, press, e-commerce...


communities creation and activation

Our clients

Aramisauto Logo
Aramis Auto has created a new mutualized acquisition channel for its new and used product lines thanks to Teeps.
L'Oréal Logo
L'Oréal Germany scales its B2B e-learning program for pharmacists with Teeps.
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Corsair Logo
Corsair has successfully launched its new routes to Senegal, Canada and the US thanks to Teeps.
Apricity Logo
Apricity generated fundamental market insights for its egg donation marketing strategy using Teeps.
Bally Logo
Bally reworks, modernizes and rejuvenates its luxury brand image through social approaches and verticalized targeting with Teeps.
Brand=Abitare kids, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Abitare Kids has launched an in-store and online personal shopping service in Barcelona operated by loyal and passionate customers through Teeps.
Bayard Logo
Bayard Presse finds new, untapped targets to generate new subscriptions with Teeps.
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La Belle-iloise Logo
La Belle Iloise preempts its communication territory on social networks to stand out from the competition thanks to Teeps.
Bréal Logo
Bréal has launched an online and in-store personal shopping service operated by its most loyal customers in Paris thanks to Teeps.
Bien'ici Logo
BienIci generates new leads in a hyper-competitive market with Teeps.
But Logo
BUT launched 7 own brands thanks to the power of social communities through Teeps.
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Christofle Logo
Christofle has attracted a new target of young and affluent buyers with Teeps.
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L'Oréal Logo
L'Oréal Spain turned promophile customers into quality ambassadors with Teeps.
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Darphin Logo
Darphin was able to work on its positioning thanks to market insights and an understanding of the organic cosmetics territory with Teeps.
TE Logo
FioulMarket has created the largest Facebook community around wood thanks to Teeps.
EDF Logo
EDF created a new sustainable social acquisition channel with Teeps.
Fitnext Logo
Fitnext has identified the most profitable sports membership triggers with Teeps.
IAD Logo
iAD capitalized on a Facebook community to mutualize its B2B and B2C acquisition costs.
Infinie Passion Logo
Infinie Passion has launched a peer-to-peer personal shopping service thanks to fashion enthusiasts with Teeps.
Brand=Interflora, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Interflora has created the first community of flower lovers to promote the creations of its florists on the market with Teeps.
NYX logo
NYX innovated by launching a tupperware-like beauty shopping service with Teeps.
JDE Logo
JDE has perpetuated a product testing program by turning its testers into long-term ambassadors with Teeps.
Kronenbourg Logo
Kronenbourg launches its B2B customer relationship program for the hospitality industry with Teeps.
La Redoute Logo
La Redoute offered a free personal shopping service to its loyal customers, operated by fashion experts with Teeps.
Brand=La Roche Posay, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
La Roche Posay has successfully engaged and activated allergy sufferers through Teeps.
Brand=Lancaster, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Lancaster has launched the first Rivera online club for its customers and ambassadors with Teeps.
Brand=Lavinia, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Lavinia has scaled its social media activity and increased the impact of its brand page with Teeps.
Brand=Kyrias, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Kyriad Hotels have launched and industrialized a relational loyalty program available for each hotel allowing them to transform their loyal customers into ambassadors with Teeps.
Brand=La Roche Posay, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
La Roche Posay has launched the first B2B ambassador program with internationally renowned doctors in France, Russia, Indonesia, ... thanks to Teeps.
Brand=LVMH, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
LVMH optimizes the efficiency and scale of its employee advocacy program with Teeps.
MaxiCoffee logo
MaxiCoffee has identified its most profitable tribes of prospects with Teeps.
Les Mini Mondes Logo
Les Minimondes has found its target audience and ambassadors thanks to Teeps.
MMV Logo
MMV capitalizes on Teeps to develop its business on a product line that has been under-exploited until now and has great potential
Brand=Moncler, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Moncler has launched its biggest global digital event with Teeps.
Brand=MuzOh, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Muz'oh launches its business by detecting its intentional users thanks to Teeps.
Brand=IT cosmetics, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
IT Cosmetics proposed a personal shopping service based on its customers to launch itself on the French market.
Brand=Plum, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Plum drastically lowered its CPAs by targeting highly qualified prospects with Teeps.
Brand=Sanoflore, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Sanoflore has identified what its consumers value most in its products and better understood their purchase triggers thanks to Teeps.
Brand=Sephora, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Sephora has worked on a peer-to-peer personal shopping service that matches customers and shoppers with Teeps.
Brand=Skin Ceuticals, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Skin Ceuticals capitalized on Teeps to generate market insights on its US consumers.
Brand=Sollen, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Sollen Design has worked on its brand positioning on social networks with Teeps.
spring logo
Spring has successfully built a sustainable and profitable audience with Teeps.
Brand=Sucralliance, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Sucralliance increased its Halloween sales by finding new targets with lower budgets than the competition
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Brand=Suez, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Suez uses Teeps to conduct consumer research on its territory and market to better understand their expectations and barriers to water and waste services
Brand=TDE, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
TotalEnergies helps customers reduce their energy bills through a relationship program launched with Teeps.
Case study
Brand=TDE, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
TotalEnergies was able to find intentional movers and eco-engaged citizens through Teeps.
Brand=Ultra premium direct, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
UltraPremiumDirect has launched a customer community dedicated to animal welfare with Teeps.
Brand=Véligo, Size=Big, Logo position=Left, Color=White
Veligo identified and targeted new tribes of qualified prospects with Teeps.
Zeway Logo
Zeway generated market knowledge for the launch of its product in the Paris region with Teeps.
Prisma Media
Prisma Media has built with Teeps a community of highly qualified prospects to generate low-cost leads for its press subscriptions
Floa manages to find its target thanks to the first share data generated by Teeps
Bouygues Telecom generates a high volume of qualified leads thanks to the audience built with Teeps

Leverage engagement data for a long-term and sustainable marketing strategy