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Recruit two customer profiles with limited marketing resources compared to its competitors

Sucralliance is not a name known to the general public. However, the group brings together several famous French confectioners such as Dupont D'Isigny, one of the oldest French confectioners, famous for its soft caramels with good Norman milk that we all liked to melt on our tongues, as well as Verquin, which hides behind the acidulous candies with surprising tastes, the Têtes Brûlées.

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Our results


average engagement


cumulated reach


of interactions for Halloween

Reaching a qualified double target

of parent buyers and child prescribers and succeed in standing out from the competition during the most important time of the year for Sucralliance, but also one of the most commercially saturated: Halloween.



Capture and federate within the same community

and therefore the same audience, parents and their children who are attracted to the world and values of Les Têtes Brûlées. We started our collaboration in the spring to ensure that we would be able to reach several million prospects at Halloween time and have a powerful strike force vis-à-vis competitors with budgets 5 to 10 times higher.

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4 steps to prepare for
a sales highlight

Step 1
Unite your target beforehand

of the event and keep it engaged over time

Step 2
Understanding the drivers of engagement

of the different targets, parents and children, and segmentation according to engagement

Step 3
Retargeting of the different segments

on Halloween with affinity messages

Step 4
Maximize reach, interactions and reduce acquisition costs

A successful collaboration!


Vincent Bruart

Marketing &
Sales Director

Vincent Bruart - Sucralliance
Teeps helped us discover and understand our target buyers by identifying the right conversational clusters. This allowed us to optimize our targeting and the way we address our targets.
1516347110090 (1) 1-renaud
Renaud Dior

Account manager
We help Sucralliance to emerge at times when sales messages are traditionally saturated, by sending the right messages to the right people at the right time.

Our 3 tips


Pre-empt a communication territory

to gain an advantage over the competition


Maîtriser son investissement

thanks to the construction of an ad hoc and committed target


Know your customers

and put them at the heart of your strategy


You too have a project

You want to know more? Contact our teams!