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Building your success together

Teeps is a human adventure that started 5 years ago. We have written this story with passionate people, whether they are collaborators, investors, partners or customers.

Let's imagine the years to come together !


Our vision

Today's consumers want more than ever to be asked about themselves, their desires and aspirations. And also to be heard about their problems. They want to be the main character in the story that brands tell them. In a word: they want to be understood.


Our mission

Reconnect brands with their customers around a common story and enable brand communication that re-engages consumers.


Our core value

Putting people back at the center of marketing, not because it's trendy but because the brands that really understand the needs and the temporality of their consumers are the ones that succeed.

They talk about us

Acquisition campaigns on Teeps audiences were 2 to 3 times more efficient in terms of ROI than our classical social media campaigns

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Pierre Leurquin - CHRISTOFLE
Digital, Data & E-commerce Director

Excellent skills to address and target conversation topics

Vincent Bruart Avatar
Vincent Bruart - SUCRALLIANCE
Marketing & Sales Director
We witnessed a great increase in user generated content (+246%)
Iraundegui Amaia Avatar
Iraundegui Amaia - L’ORÉAL
Communications & Social Media Manager

Leverage engagement data for a long-term and sustainable marketing strategy