At Teeps, we are deeply convinced that today, for you to grow in a lasting way, you must engage your communities (prospects, customers, employees, partners) and activate them to convert them in new business drivers.

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Engagement : a predictive data for consumer behaviours

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Engagement data : what's that ?

Engagement is an interest signal - likes, readings, clicks, shares, ... - shown by someone for your brand, whoever he/she is for you (prospect, client, employee or partner). We generate owned engagement data on social networks, through conversational CRM and thanks to gamification.

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Why is engagement data efficient for growing your business ?

Engagement data is a fresh data, consented by a consumer and showing his/her interest at that time. Thus, it is an immediate actionable data. Our technology nurtures this data to detect discriminatory factors in order to predict future consumers behaviour. It is a data you can activate as well for customers acquisition, for loyalty or advocacy.

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Focus on Advocacy, a relationship loyalty & consumer activation strategy.

Our Advocacy solutions enables you to engage your customers in a relationship & gamified program, identify the most active ones and transform them into brand ambassadors. Those who buy the more are not always the ones who talk about your brand :) You should adopt a relationship program instead of a transactional one...

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The 5 steps for a successful Advocacy program

1.Identify your Ambassadors

Among your customers, partners or employees

2.Engage your Ambassadors

On a white label plateform

3.Activate your community

Thanks to our in-house gamified technology

4.Value your Ambassadors

Thanks to a complete point system with badges, status, rankings & rewards

5.Leverage their engagement

On all your marketing operations

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