At Teeps, we are deeply convinced that Advocacy is key for brands and should be at the heart of your marketing strategy.

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Advocacy marketing is the oldest and most efficient marketing lever

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Peer-to-peer recommandation

Advocacy marketing is based on peer-to-peer recommendation i.e. word of mouth. People have always been recommending or advising against services and products they experienced. Advocacy marketing is how you manage to frame and scale the organic word of mouth your happy customers, employees & partners already spread. It’s a growth lever.

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Advocacy Marketing is the future of Marketing

Grab control on the word of mouth of your brand Leverage it for your own benefit Choose the right technology enabling framing, scaling and tracking your brand’s advocates

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Recruit your advocates

Your advocates are the ones happy with the experience they shared with you, your products, your services. They can be fans, customers, employees, partners. Value them to leverage your brand love!

The 5 steps for a successful Advocacy program

1.Identify your brand lovers

among your customers, fans, employees, partners

2.Engage and federate them

on a unique platform

3.Activate brand advocates

at scale thanks to gamification & technology

4.Reward them

not only with tangible gifts but also giving them social status

5.Leverage your brand advocates actions

on all your marketing levers

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